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Venus figures = there are many ancient small female figure drawings some perhaps as old as 800,000 years, and referred to as Venus even though it is most unlikely that they originally represented the Greek goddess. Well known examples are the Venus of Berekhat Ram and the Venus of Willendorf.

Volcanic bomb = a mass of molten rock larger than 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) in diameter, formed when a volcano ejects viscous fragments of lava during an eruption.

These cool into solid fragments before they reach the ground. Because volcanic bombs cool after they leave the volcano, they do not have grains making them extrusive igneous rocks. Volcanic bombs can be thrown many kilometres from a significant eruption, and often acquire aerodynamic shapes during their flight. Bombs can be extremely large some known to be nearly six meters. Bombs are named according to their shape, which is determined by the fluidity of the magma from which they are formed.

Ribbon or cylindrical bombs are ejected as irregular strings and blobs. The strings break up into small segments which fall to the ground intact and look like ribbons. Hence, the name.

Spherical bombs are bombs in which the surface tension plays a major role in pulling the molten lava into spheres.

Spindle, fusiform, or almond/rotational bombs are formed by the same processes as spherical but spinning significantly during flight. This leaves these bombs looking elongated or almond shape and are characterised by longitudinal fluting, one side slightly smoother and broader than the other. This smooth side represents the underside of the bomb as it fell through the air.

Cow pie bombs are formed when highly fluid magma falls from moderate height (so the bomb does not solidify before impact) which are still liquid when they strike the ground. They consequently flatten or splash and form irregular roundish disks which resemble cow-dung.

Bread-crust bombs are formed if the outside of a lava bomb solidifies during its flight, it may develop a cracked outer surface as the interior continues to expand.

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