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Stone Worker

STONE projects central aim was to collect information about stone through the eyes of artists, masons, quarry workers, anthropologists, and cultural and literary thinkers.

Through film, interview and the collection of tools, stone samples and other material STONE aimed to explore differences in how stone is understood and worked throughout the world; to understand both the ‘physical processes' and the ‘thinking approaches' when working with stone.

This album is a selection of video material related to showing working practices of 'Craftsmen' and their relationship with the material of stone.

Title: Lincoln Cathedral, England | Paul Ellis, Stone Carver
Film Directed By: Noe Mendelle
Film Duration: 7.30
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Title: Gloucester Cathedral, England | How to become a Stone Mason
Film Directed By: Noe Mendelle
Film Duration: 4.39
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Title: Cervietti Studio, Italy | Stone craft studio
Film Directed By: Noe Mendelle
Film Duration: 4:18
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