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Milestone | Exhibition 2009

Milestone Exhibiton

Milestone Lecture Series

Editorial Coverage


Milestone Exhibition

While viewers could watch the process of twelve new works in stone being produced in the forecourt of Edinburgh College of Art, there was also the opportunity to visit the indoor element of the Milestone Live Carve and Exhibition. This was an exhibition of photographs, films and objects gathered during STONE research travel investigating the ways in which stone is worked and understood across the world.


Milestone Exhibition - series of images and display of tools from stone working locations from around the worldMilestone Exhibition - a series of images of quarries taken during STONE research travel


Large format photographic prints documented monolithic quarries and machinery, details of tools and techniques as well as the demanding physical aspects of working with stone.  A group of smaller images recorded the individual hands of stone workers and artists encountered during the three years of research.  A selection of tools were displayed offering an opportunity to look in detail at the variation and similarity in tools used by sculptors and stoneworkers worldwide.   

Documentary films added further layers, capturing astonishing working practices.  These can now be viewed in the Film Gallery of the STONE website.


"the whole exhibition has the feel and texture of stone" Emma Duncan

"just awakens an impulse to cut and carve stone" David Penman

"the importance of knowing where everything comes from in our modern world is more than amply shown in this exhibition.  I shall haverst my own stone for hand carving!" Clare Johnson 


Milestone Lecture Series   

A series of lectures were delivered over the course of the month of August, exploring stone from multi-varied perspectives and academic disciplines, held in the Milestone Indoor Exhibition space. 


Wednesday 5th August

 ‘Cool Stone: Hot Hands' Dr Jeanne Cannizzo, Social Anthropologist, University of Edinburgh 



Taking a single stone object, probably carved from a Mezcala River pebble in ancient western Mexico, Dr Cannizzo will explore what can be deduced from scholarly research and a physical examination of the object. Then the multiple meanings which might have become attached to this thing as it moves from ornament to artefact, to junk shop 'treasure', to its latest incarnation as her personal talisman, will be suggested. All of these meanings revolve, at some level, around the carving's materiality and tactility. 


Wednesday 12th August

‘The Geology of Scotland' Andrew McMillan, Geologist, British Geological Survey 


This is a geological map of Scotland showing the variation of stone forming Scotlands landscape.

British Geological Survey © NERC.  IPR/134-73C


Andrew is a geologist from the British Geological Survey, based in Edinburgh. With his expertise on Scottish geology, this seminar will introduce the material stone and how it is formed with a special emphasis on the use of natural stone in the Scottish landscape.


Wednesday 19th August

'Green treasures from the magic moutains: Neolithic axeheads of jadeitite and other Alpine rocks' Dr Alison Sheridan, Head of Early Prehistory Archeaology Department, National Museums Scotland, In Association with VARIE


Jadeite Axehead, Cunzierton - an image from National Musuems Scotland, Project JADE


The axe-heads are powerful talismans in the ancient stories of how the world began.  Such was the belieg in their innate power and extreme value that, occasionaly, individual speciments would be deliberately broken and shared around.  Dr Alison Sheridan discussed the complex history of stone as a source of power, and the effort pre-historic stone workers went to in order to gather the specific stones they needed, and the transportation of material over huge distances. 


Wednesday 19th August

‘STONE project and Milestone Exhibition: An introduction' - Professor Jake Harvey and Joel Fisher, eca 



STONE project is a three-year research project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, based at Edinburgh College of Art and led by Professor Jake Harvey, Professor Noe Mendelle (Head of Film and Television) and Joel Fisher (Sculptor).

The project involves researching relevant stone craft skills in a global context - a rich repository that,  like  the  material  itself,  has  accumulated  over  a  long  timescale.  Many  traditional  stone  working  techniques  are  in  danger  of  being  lost.  Is  the  material  of  stone  destined  to  become  culturally  peripheral,  or  can  it  be  revisited  and  invigorated  in  new  ways?    Professor  Harvey  and  Joel  Fisher  will  expand  on  some  of  the  research  so  far  undertaken  by  STONE  project  and  introduce  the  reasons  behind holding Milestone. 


Wednesday 26th August

‘Peter Randall-Page: A Life's work' Peter Randall-Page'    



Peter will be giving an illustrated talk about his sculpture, drawings and prints from the last 25 years including of the very latest work produced for his major solo exhibition currently on at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 


Editorial coverage

During the Milestone Live Carve an indoor exhibition took place comprising a small fraction of the research material in addition to selected work by artists engaged with STONE project dialogues and collaborations.  For those visiting the live carve, it was an opportunity to further explore the world-wide rich repository of contemporary stone craft skills through the medium of photography and film.


22 July - The List - Festival special. Milestone included in the Sculpture feature (also online)

29 July - Milestone mentioned in The Skinny's Edinburgh Art Festival preview ( )

30 July - Milestone and talks programme featured in the Audience Business's Visual Arts Bulletin.

31 July - Milestone carve previewed in The Metro.

1 Aug - Milestone featured in The Herald's Art, Books & Cinema supplement Gallery pages (a short 150 word preview).

5 Aug - Feature in The List (5 August) about sculpture shows at the Edinburgh Art Festival this year, including good detail about Milestone with quotes from Joel Fisher and Jake Harvey.

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13 August - Milestone featured in overall ‘Top 20 Things to Do' hitlist. Visual art section of this issue includes hitlist inclusion and 4-star review of Milestone.

13 Aug - Milestone featured in The Pulse magazine, rounding-up best of the Festival.

16 August - Scotland on Sunday ‘At Home' supplement includes a mention of Milestone on the Style Bible / What's On page.

17 August - Edinburgh Evening News feature about glacial erratics being used by sculptor Atsuo Okamoto, which were found at the tramworks at Gogar roundabout.

20 August - feature about the Milestone carve in Southern Reporter (Borders paper) including interview with Jake Harvey.

21 August - feature about the Milestone carve in Newport Daily Express (Vermont, USA) including interview with sculptor Joel Fisher, originally from Vermont.

25 August - review of Milestone in The Times.

27 August - Milestone featured in the Visual Art Hitlist of The List magazine.

‘Art of Stone' review by Duncan Macmillan, The Scotsman



24 June Art link to page:

Edinburgh Art Festival film about Milestone (posted on EAF website and You Tube):

5 August: BBC online news item about the Edinburgh Art Festival opening with details about Milestone. The news item with two great images from the Milestone carve (the only images used on the piece) later had the BBC Reporting Scotland TV news item embedded in it. The film includes very good footage of the carve and interviews with the sculptors:

Review on The List magazine:

Review on The Skinny website: (18 Aug)


Radio/ TV

Wednesday 5 August: Radio Scotland - Milestone mentioned as part of round-up piece about EAF, included on news bulletins throughout the day.

Wednesday 5 August: News item on BBC Reporting Scotland evening news about the Edinburgh Art Festival opening, with the majority of the coverage dedicated to Milestone.

Wednesday 26 August: Radio Cafe, BBC Radio Scotland. Milestone sculptors Jake Harvey and Daniel Silver in conversation with Clare English:

Wednesday 26 August: Culture Show (BCC Two, 7pm), round-up item about Edinburgh Art Festival and events for Art Late. Online link:

Thursday 27 Aug: BBC Reporting Scotland evening news, item about the development of the Milestone carve and events for Art Late at the Edinburgh Art Festival. Link to ítem on Pauline McLean's BBC blog:





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