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Kerb = ( or 'curb') is the ring of retaining stones against mound or cairn base; the boundary stones separating for instance, the road from pedestrian pavement.

Karst Landscapes = a landscape where there are almost no ponds or streams, since surface water drains through small cracks or seeps through porous rock. Often cave systems are found in the limestone bedrock underlying Karst landscapes. Sinkholes are possible.

Karst = the name of a high barren limestone region south of Ljubljana in N.W. Yugoslavia which has given its name to designate similar regions and features ie: karstland, karstic land; a karstic region.

Kimachi Stone = ('Otome Stone'a sandstone found around Shinji Lake (near Matsue, Japan) In ancient times it was used for stone coffins; in later times for lanterns, temples and pagodas. It was considered so valuable that during the Edo era it required special permission to transport it to other areas, prompting its name during that period to be "Otome Stone" (Stone that was stopped). Kimachi stone is known to weather relatively quickly. Compared with common sandstone it contains quite a lot of volcanic material. Kimachi stone contains fossils from the ocean of 13-14 million years ago.

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