STONE project.

STONE project is funded by: Arts and Humanities Council Logo.

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Within this project the material of stone is accepted as elemental.

As the substance of our earth stone is intertwined with human history: within the traditions of working stone are embedded an ancient and significant reservoir of cultural knowledge.

The olderst substance is somehow new.  In spite of a vast inherited history, all new practitioners feel as if they are immersed in the process as if for the first time ever. They make innovative discoveries through subtle observations, haptic processes, and reductive modes of thinking.

STONE Project aims:




  • to collect information about stone through the eyes of artists, masons, quarry workers, anthropologists, and cultural and literary thinkers. 
  • to discover differences in how stone is understood and worked throughout the world.
  • to understand both the ‘physical processes' and the ‘thinking approaches' when working with stone.
  • to show these modes of understanding in ways that are broadly applicable and transferable.

At the heart of STONE Project is the shared belief that research on stone can also contribute to a further understanding of:




  • hands, tools and material -

What happens to the human body and human mind when tools are used? 

In what ways is the creative mind stimulated when working process are engaged?

Artisan, China, September 2008Artisan working on one of Marc Quinn's 'Evolution Series', Cervietti Studio, Pietrasanta, Italy 2008Yuli, Aichi University Prefectural Museum of Arts and Music, Nagoya, Japan 2008

  • tactility/senses -

       What is the role of our senses in working with and confronting stone?

How do we pay attention to this in a world this is radically reordering the place of touch? 


  • tacit skills -

Why, even though they are grounded in action and material experience, is the awareness of important human functions left unarticulated?

What happens in the world of the unstated?




  • reductive thinking -

How do we distinguish what happens when meaning grows through taking material away?

How might we protect this specific way of thinking?



STONE Project's ultimate aim is to:

... assemble all research and achievements in an archive for the use of current and future generations, a tool which anyone can use.

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