STONE project.

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Efflorescence = white salts brought to the surface of porous building materials by water movement.

Ergogenic = enhancing physical performance. Tools are ergogenic.

Erasure = the removal, usually of written or drawn lines or marks.

Erratic = a boulder that has been moved by the action of glaciers during the ice age, resulting in their being rounded and particularly hard, since softer material has eroded away.

Esker = noun: A long, narrow ridge of gravel and sand deposited by a stream flowing in or under a retreating glacier.

(John Barber in an article in Canada's The Globe and Mail, Dec 6, 2008, said that his Grade 11 geography teacher likened an esker to "the mess left by a drunk simultaneously walking backward and throwing up.")

Exenta = another word for "sculpture in the round", in contrast to reliefs which have one 'face.'

Extraction = in quarrying, extraction is the harvesting of stone from the quarry face.

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