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Milestone | Artist selection

The sculptors were selected because they are responsive to ways that sculpture can relate to the human body, and in consideration of the ways in which the material presence of their work shares its tactility with the viewer. Each of these sculptors demonstrate an intuitive knowledge of the hidden structure of stone and a sensitivity to the energy created by relational intervals.

Much of what sculptors are exploring is beyond the scope of language and this may be particularly true for these sculptors. This is in line with our interest in redefining the tacit. We expect that there will be modes of articulation - both verbal and non-verbal -that will surface during the life of Milestone and continue to echo after its conclusion.

Multiple personal interactions have a sculptural quality. We believe that insights can be achieved simultaneously both individually and collectively. Because of this we assume that this group of sculptors can stimulate and be nourished by the creativity of each other.

The discoveries will not stay with them. We will be surprised and disappointed if new insights and refreshed ideas do not evolve during the course of Milestone, prompted by the interactions that will take place among articulate sculptors and the works they make.

We don't know what to expect by putting these sculptors together, but our hope is to create a vortex of positive energy in which the invited sculptors can create their best work, and in so doing pass on some of that energy to others.

We are looking at ways that invisible qualities - the grain of the stone, the expansiveness of tactility, a relationship with a human body, a structure that is something other than image - all have the potential to contribute to an achievement beyond the strength of individual contributions.

We value the individual sculptures, but our hope is bigger than that. We would be pleased if, collectively, these works will be able to create a sufficiently dynamic energy that can contribute a renewed vitality to the use of stone in contemporary art.


Milestone Sculptors

 Peter RANDALL-PAGE - England

Takeshi HAYASHI - Japan

Sibylle PASCHE - Switzerland


Carlos LIZARITURRY - Spain


Susanne SPECHT - Germany

Gerard MAS - Spain

Atsuo OKAMOTO - Japan


Jake HARVEY - Scotland

Jessica HARRISON - Scotland (STONE project PhD affiliate)

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