STONE project.

STONE project is funded by: Arts and Humanities Council Logo.

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"We live on it and with it, we are sustained by it, and ultimately end up within it.", Jake Harvey, 2009

 "A natural material that has endured and survived for countless eons, from the day our Earth was first formed to this day in the early 21st century. Looking at stone, one is reminded of the vast span of time stretching further back than the human mind can grasp, to the birth of the Earth and to the creation of the universe. That same stone will continue to exist unchanged well into the future. Even if its edges become a bit worn during the millions of years of its lifetime, unless it is crushed or wantonly destroyed by mankind, it will remain in its present form forever. Even as the pace of technological change continues to quicken, there is no possibility of mankind or civilisation being able to extinguish stone.

Modern mankind has learned much about how our world was formed and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have unravelled many of the mysteries of the universe by applying the accumulated wisdom of science. Now, thanks to the dramatic progress of theories on the nature of the universe, even the time and space in which we live are being clarified.

We honour stone as our partner throughout the history of the planet, unchanged for eternity, communicating its culture to each new generation through place names and the like. We seek a human wisdom that seeks in the stars the meaning of the vast expanse of time linking past and future", Takeshi Tanabe, Japan, 2008



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