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6 Why texts?

The essence of every sentence is sequence – the words start in one place and move the reader to a different position. With words, our minds can travel as our project explores thoughts on reductive techniques, tactility, and reductive skills. We even use words to explain the non-verbal areas of our search that for better or worse in the past have ’gone without saying’.

Words, placed into relationship with other words, are unequalled in their ability to encapsulate ideas in a particular situation. Within our archives, words can serve as captions for images, expanding what is seen with additional details about context or principles. A text can explore or contain bigger or more effervescent ideas that are inherent, or perhaps latent, in the investigation.

An effective text is more than simply a container for ideas; a text can function as a tool of transformation. The same words that formed within one situation can, when they appear in a different context, begin to generate, rather than simply record, thought. This change of context may include such things as a shift in subject matter, where one thing helps us to understand another, or even in time, making distances disappear.   We all know the experience of reading the words of a writer who has long been dead and feel as if we are talking directly to the person who wrote the words.  Words like stone sleep until activated. They can be as present next week as they were yesterday.

Joel Fisher’s original text was the source for the structure for STONE Project. He refined these ideas through discussions with Jake Harvey.  He has used writing throughout the project as a tool of exploration, including carving a number of quotes out of different texts.


Graffitti found in a marble mine, Carrara Marble Museum, Carrara, Italy 2008Graffiti on marble, Italy

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