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2 Other Sources

Stone in Scotland

Texts: Andrew McMillan, Ewan Hyslop, ,Ingval Maxwell

Earth Science Series

UNESCO Publishing 2006



Stone Built:  Orkney Photographs

Gunnie Moberg

Stromness Books and Prints 1979

Stone of Destiny

Pat Gerber

Canongate 1997  2005


Texts : Helen Rosslyn,  Angelo Maggi & James Simpson

National Gallery of Scotland  2002



The Ascent of Man

J. Bronowski




Gesture and Thought

David McNeill

Chicago University Press  2005



Gestures their Origins and Distribution

Desmond Morris, Peter Collett, Peter Marsh, Marie O’Shaughnessy

Jonathan Cape  1979



The Eyes of the Skin

Juhani Pallasmaa

Wiley & Sons  2005



The Fourth Dimension in Architecture

The Impact of Building on Behavior

Edward T. Hall




Stone Architecture: Ancient and Modern Construction Skills

Alfonso Acocella

Lucense SKIRA 2006 



All the Ways of Building

L Lamprey

MacMillan 1955

Technology in the Ancient World

Henry Hodges

Penguin Books 1971

A History of Technology

Volume I

Singer, Holmyard and Hall

Oxford 1954 (1967)

The Substance of Civilization

Stephen L. Sass

Arcade Publishing 1998



Tools and their Uses

Prepared by the U.S.Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel

Dover  reprint  1971



The Nature and Art of Workmanship

David Pye

Cambium Press Cambridge University Press 1968



The Book of Trades

JostAmman & Hans Sachs

1568   Dover reprint 1973



The blacksmith’s Craft

Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas




Stone Tool Traditions in the Contact Era

Edited by Charles R Cobb

University of Atlanta Press 2003



Vasari on Technique

Georgio Vasari

Translated by Louisa S Maclehose

Reprinted by Dover 1960



Sculpture: Processes and Principles

Rudolph Wittkower

Harper & Row 1977



Soft Stone Carving

C.A.I. Ritchie

St Martin’s Press 1973



The Materials of Sculpture

Nicholas Penny

Yale University Press




The first third of the book is dedicated to stone, The Materials of Sculpture is a treasure of sculptural information and thought provoking nuggets of insight such as these:

“It is worth emphasizing that only one work of art illustrated here…was designed for viewing by electric light, yet hardly any of them can now be seen without it.”


“In the 1580’s [White Apuan marble]…was used by the ruler of Morocco for his new palace at Marrakesh (paid for with equal quanties of sugar).

And it also contains practical information for the investigator:

“There are two important collections of marble samples available for consultation in Britain. One is in the Sedgwick Museum of Geology in Cambridge University which was created in the late nineteenth century and can be viewed by appointment. It’s range is extraordinary, but it is less strong on the marbles used in antiquity than is the collection formed by Faustino Corsi in Rome in the early nineteenth century. The Corsi collection is now in the University Museum in Oxford; part of it is on display and the parts in store can be viewed by appointment.”

Michelangelo: A Self Portrait

Edited by Robert J, Clements

Prentice Hall 1963




Anthony Bertram

Dutton  1964

Michelangelo’s Mountain

Eric Scigliano

Simon and Schuster  (Free Press ) 2005



Henry Moore: Writings and Conversations

Edited by Alan Wilkinson

Lund Humphrirs 2002



Sentences on Conceptual Art

Sol Lewit  1969

A Sculptors World

Isamu Noguchi,, preface by Buckminster Fuller

Harper & Row 1968



Scholar’ Rocks in Ancient China

The Suyuan Stone Catalogue

Kemin Hu

Weatherhill, Inc / Orchid Press  2002



Worlds Within  Worlds

The Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholars’ Rocks

Robert D Mowry,

Asia Society, New York



The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation

Vincent T. Covello & Yuri Yoshimura

Charles E. Tuttle Company



Kyoto Gardens

Kinsaku Nakane

Hoikusha Publishing 1985 ( 1965)



Peripheral Visions

Mary Catherine Bateson

Harper Collins 1994



The Mind in the Cave

David LewisWilliams

Thames & Hudson 2002



The Phenomenology of Perception

Maurice Merleau-Ponte

Routledge  1945



Mind and Nature: a necessary unity

Gregory Bateson

Harper Collins 1972



Gregory Bateson is one of the most fascinating thinkers for artists. His father was a geneticist  (and coined the word genetics.) Gregory began as an anthropologist, writing an unusual book in 1939 called Navin, which in the years since it was written has proved to be an important contribution to our understanding of context. In Navin  he describes a primitive culture from several points of view. This set the stage for later thinking about ecology. During WWII Bateson helped develop Cybernetics.

Bateson’s concept of the “Double Bind” earned his recognition as the father of family therapy.   His “meta dialogues” which form some of the individual chapters in his book  Mind and Nature are explanations of basic concepts such as entropy to questions posed by his six year old daughter. He continues to explore many topics in Notes Toward an Ecology of Mind always looking for what he calls “the pattern that connects.” 

A Sacred Unity

Gregory Bateson

Harper Collins 1991



Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature

Richard Rorty   

Princeton University Press



Forests: the Shadow of Civilization

Robert Pogue Harrison

Chicago University Press 1992



What Calls for Thinking

Martin Heidegger




Michel Serres 

 University of Michigan Press 1995 (1982)




The Five Senses

Michel Serres



Empire of the Senses

The Sensual Culture Reader

Edited David Howes 

Berg/Oxford 2005



Techniques of the Observer

Jonathan Crary

MIT Press 1992



The Forge and the Crucible

Mircea Eliade

Harper & Row 1962 (1956)



Thought and Language

Lev Vygotsky

MIT Press 1986



The Materiality of Stone: Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology

Christopher Tilley

Berg Publishers 2004 




John Farndon

Dorling Kindersley 1998



The Map that Changed the World

Simon Winchester

Viking 2001  / Penguin Books 2002



A Source-Book of Ancient History

George Willis and Lillie Shaw Botsford

Macmillan 1922



Socrates Ancestor

Indra Kagis McEwen

MIT 1993



The Secret Life of Dust

Hannah Holmes

John Wiley & Sons 2001



The Anatomy of Judgment

M. L. Johnson Abercrombie

Hutchinson of London 1960



Educating the Reflective Practitioner

Donald Schon



The Laws of Form

G. Spencer Brown



The Book of Questions Volume II

Edmond Jabes 

Wesleyan University Press 1991 (1976)



Presence and Absence

Robert Sokolowsky



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